Haytham Bhalo

My name is Haytham Bhalo and I don’t do favorites. Life is too short to favor a certain food, song, movie, color or a thing over others. Coffee and tea are a dilemma to me. For the most part I result to tossing a coin on which to brew.

I reside in Nairobi but deep in me lives a son out of a family of artists from the beautiful Old Town of Mombasa. I consider myself extremely lucky to get to do what I love. And I have not even climbed Everest, Kilimanjaro or none of those. Neither have I swum with sharks yet, literally!

I am a photographer, videographer and at times I write. Mostly, I love to share my experiences. This is where you and I travel to faraway places with a camera in my hand and ignite life into creativity wherever we find it.

Please, have a sit and lets share a warm cuppa tea or coffee, may be both, as I tell you of the lessons I learn, places I visit and people I meet.

Feel free to leave a comment on each of my posts.

Find me on YouTubeFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (I told you I don’t do favorites). You can also email me at hb@haythambhalo.com.

Thank you!

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