Old Town, Mombasa – Showcasing Beautiful Narrow Streets

Here is a short video showcasing sights of the beautiful Old Town, Mombasa.

This is one of my very first attempts at making videos and I decided to share it with you all. Now that I go back to watch it, I mostly cringe. You will probably cringe too. But that makes me happy. It means that I have grown as a creative and a videographer.

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My Main Camera
And this is My Backup Camera
Then My Sweet Nifty Fifty
While this is My AWESOME Vlog Lens
Here you find My Zoom Lens
This is definitely My Dream Zoom Lens
My DREAM Vlog Camera
And My Other (Less expensive) Dream Vlog Camera
Here is My Dream Vlog Lens
My Drone
The MIC I Use
That AWESOME monopod
My Stabilizer

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