Ramadhan Food Vendors of Mombasa

Ramadhan Food Vendors of Mombasa

Most of my non-Muslim friends wonder how I’m able to go whole day without food or drink in observance of fasting in Ramadhan. They think it is tough. What is more […]

Message in The Frame

Message in The Frame

Tanzania is home to 30 species of monkeys, did you know that? I didn’t. I read it on a Kenya Airways’ Msafiri Magazine. Then spent three quarters of an hour, […]

Mombasa, a Tuk-tuk Story

Mombasa, a Tuk-tuk Story

You always lock the bathroom and nothing ever happens. The day you forget is the day someone decides to enter while you are inside. It doesn’t matter the progress level […]

Improvising: A Must Have

Improvising A Must Have

Everyone has a breaking point. For Omar, one of the most honest guys I know, it took the agitation tenants without rent money in their pockets at the end of […]

Craft and Finding True North

Craft and Finding True North

Are you not glad the 365 days of January are finally over? If there is one thing that is not ending anytime soon though, is the conversation about one Donald […]

Taking Stock 2016

Haytham Bhalo Taking Stock 2016

2016 is almost over! Choosing to be a good person, lose weight, worry less, enjoy life or travel more can be done any day under the sun but New Year’s […]

Everyone Has a First

Everyone Has a First - Haytham Bhalo

Everyone, I am a protagonist! Maybe I am, I don’t know. All I can say is I fell for an enticing post title once again. This time round it pushed me […]

Old People, Modern World

Old People's Home

What I thought about Mombasa’s old people: Their offspring uphold them with pristine care and love, regarding them as a source of wisdom and blessings. A natural shift in responsibilities occurs in ones adulthood […]

Camera Ready, Set, Shoot!

Donge la Mombasa

Roughly a month after getting my hands around my DSLR camera, Donge la Mombasa Welfare Group (Donge) put together an event to get Mombasa residents to donate blood. Requests for blood […]

Hello Photography World

Sailing Lamu Waters

My love for photography spans further than my memory can recollect but eight months after deciding to take the art seriously, I can say it has been nothing short of learning new […]