Taking Stock 2016

Haytham Bhalo Taking Stock 2016

2016 is almost over!

Choosing to be a good person, lose weight, worry less, enjoy life or travel more can be done any day under the sun but New Year’s Eve seems to be the preferred! We all seek a fresh start at some point and since life offers no refresh button, turning things around at the change of the last digit of the calendar after 365 days seems like the only option. Or is it convenient? Experience proves time and again that most of such resolutions are long forgotten by week one of the year.

Let’s make them anyway.

Hope is a good thing. It makes us celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and New Years while unconscious on the mystery of time. The more days we live the closer we are to leaving. Death is not a darling topic but truth is, the earlier you start thinking about it the sooner you start living in the moment. Be conscious about death and see how your every day starts to count. For instance my intention was to publish this post on day one of 2017 but what guarantees do I have?

As we usher in the New Year I look back through 2016. With its fair share of hurdles, it has been full of blessings. May be I am getting wiser but most certainly, I am getting older. The older I grow the more aware I get of the need to focus my life on being one of the few guys that leave earth a better place.

Good guys are becoming fewer every day!

Photography in 2016 has strongly felt like a step in the right direction. Frankly, it feels like this is where I will make my mark. This will be my way of changing the world for the better. This is big boy talk coming from a multipotentialite but this time it is different. There are more challenges photography can offer than I can exhaust in a lifetime. From simpler ones like documenting the beauty that is India, Bosnia and Morocco to getting an adrenaline rush shooting adventure gigs like Jimmy Chin.

I have not shot for Nike or National Geographic yet but I made money out of my craft in 2016. It is also the birth year of this blog. A year that I covered a number of charity photoshoots and the realization that it is something I intend to keep doing. I have mentored quite a number of people in photography during the year and it feels really good. Hopefully this means the start of workshops of my own in the near future.

Above all, I have taken some of the best photos in 2016 and that alone gives me fulfillment.

As we usher in 2017 with hopes for better things to come, I thank you all sincerely for staying with me this long. My gratitudes for the times you spent reading my posts, viewing my work and sharing your comments.

I wish you all an abundance of joy, health and peace in 2017. God bless us all and Happy 2017!

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