Let Your Needs Depict Your Photography Gear

Photography Gear

It has been a while!

Weeks have turned to months and this nagging voice at the back of my head reminding me I need to publish a post keeps getting louder and louder. What started as a whisper is now a full blazing honk.

Here we are!

Between my last blog post and now, it feels as though I have been on fast forward. One second I am shutting my eyes and all that my lovely daughter Maysarah can do is lie in her crib. The next I open them up and we are constantly following her as she crawls all over the house.

A lot has been happening in the recent past but of interest to my readers is the upgrade of my photography gear. I moved from an entry level Nikon D3300 to the more advanced Nikon D750. This post will focus on that.

Please note my choice of words as entry level and mid level professional cameras. Much as I mention a brand and models, it is about how the differences fit in my journey as a photographer. My goal is to take you through my thought process over what led me to move to a mid level professional camera. I will briefly talk about the features but I am trying not to turn this into another equipment review.

It is every photographer’s dream to work with the best photography gear in the market. If we could, we would probably be updating every time there is a new release. Except for the small percentage that seem to develop emotional attachment to their gear. People generally enjoy the gist of owning new stuff but what limits most of us are finances. So, it is best to take a step back before investing in new photography gear. We have to carefully analyse the needs we have so as to settle for what best satisfies them.

I am a firm believer in the ‘it is all in the photographer and not the equipment’ talk. However, it reached a point I was constricted with how much I could do. I needed increased freedom and reach that the D3300 was not giving me. After reading reviews and the limitations I had, I settled for the D750.

The D3300 is a crop sensor and this was becoming a challenge. There is only so much you can control when it comes to depth of field with a small sensor. Not to mention the 40 additional focus points on the D750. The D3300 has a total of 11 focus points which are less than the 15 cross sensors alone that are available on the D750. It also puts a much bigger dynamic range at my disposal which gives me a considerable amount of room to work with. Then of course a faster frame rate that now allows me to freeze action at a notch higher.

Do not get me wrong, the D3300 is a hell of a camera for a beginner. I really enjoyed it and since it is now my back up camera, I am still planning on using it for days to come. I highly recommend it.

Enough of the details, the short of it is, I went for a bigger camera out of the need to push my photography further. My decision was solely based on what felt like the next natural move for me as a photographer. If you have read all my posts, you must know that my starting photography gear was my phone. You can read about it here and sample the photos I took back then. My move to an entry level DSLR camera at that time felt like the need then. To date, it still feels like I did the right thing. Right now, this also feels like a need.

At the end of the day, I am happy that I now use a camera body that will help me produce greater images. When time comes and you need to get a new camera, do not go with the heat of the moment. Read all the reviews you need to settle on a brand or model that appeals to you but go by what suits your needs best. You will not regret it!

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