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Sailing Lamu Waters

My love for photography spans further than my memory can recollect but eight months after deciding to take the art seriously, I can say it has been nothing short of learning new things, visiting new places and meeting new wonderful people. To be honest, I am still living the same good old life, just with the excitement of a new set of eyes!

I love to write and I love to share my personal experiences. My aim is to use haythambhalo.com to share my journey in the world of photography.

Before I proceed any further, allow me to introduce myself as Haytham Bhalo – a curious multipotentialite with a camera. You can read more about me here.

Here is how it all started. Like thousands of other photographers and enthusiasts of this century, wait for it…. A camera phone!

At some juncture the itch brought about by the satisfaction of clicking photos got unbearable. I took to Google and YouTube, digging deeper into the chests of photography. Google and YouTube are a heck of a resource!

Initially, I reached out to friends who had already embarked on photography (or at least had some basic gear) asking questions about the craft. The responses were rather unsatisfactory and I decided YouTube and Google all the way.

I remember having an Anha moment on realizing what makes photography are things I already knew. Things I learned earlier in life as an Art and Design student. Making the connection brought about a great nostalgic feeling. It was simple for me really, aiming at taking photos that are appealing to my eye, with my phone of course. What I realized is I had been observing basic concepts of photography such as perspective, pattern, composition and light.

Chances are you enjoy taking photographs with your phone. You are probably reading this on it! So what are you waiting for?

On 16 December, 2015 I got a camera, Nikon D3300. This came after going through hundreds of reviews before settling on it. I chose Nikon because the photographers I was learning from used Nikon and I felt it would make sense to get a similar brand. I could have gotten a more advanced camera but I had read an analogy that: “You do not want to start learning how to drive with a Buggati”. It made sense. It still does.

Two things I have come to know are paramount to improve your photography:-

  • Read as much as you can on photography. Spend time learning from photographers who have been doing it for many years. There are amazing photographers out there who are super generous. They are kind enough to go to great lengths to ensure they are of help to those who want to improve. Self-teaching requires a mammoth amount of discipline but if you truly enjoy photography, you will have a blast.
  • All the information you equip yourself with is absolutely futile if you do not shoot photographs. Go out and capture; if possible, daily. I shot almost everyday in my first three months from flowers in the garden to neighbours’ pets in the hood. I still shoot as many times as I possibly can. Legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson said: “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst”. You will actually see yourself getting better the more you shoot.

Let me share with you photos I took with a camera phone over the last few years:-

Sailing Lamu Waters Photography
Boat Sailing on the waters of Lamu Island.


Main Street Lamu Island Photography
Main Street Lamu Island


Sunset Over Mombasa Island Photography
Sunset over Mombasa Island.


Boat Ride to Wasini Island Photography
Boat Ride to Wasini Island on Kwale County, Kenya.
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