Finding Your Passion is as Far as Passion Goes

Finding Your Passion

If you are on a journey to finding your passion, watch the movie Forrest Gump if you haven’t. If you know what your passion is congratulations but if you haven’t seen Forrest Gump, please do, it is a hell of flick!

The first word on its script dawns to you a mentally challenged protagonist, Forrest Gump. The movie is him narrating his life and by the time it ends, you and him will have been into the Vietnam War where he is honored medals, start a shrimp business and grow it into an empire, turn jogging into a fad, create a ping-pong craze and meet the president a few times. You will even witness Elvis Presley learning from Forrest what went on to be known as Elvis’ signature dance moves.

Few days after writing about finding your passion in photography, I watched Forrest Gump, again. Throughout the movie I toyed the question, Forrest embarks on one pursuit after another each with its own series of crashing challenges, and he excels in all of them, what’s his passion? The movie makes it very clear that his one true love is his childhood friend Jenny Curran, that is it! Lack of knowledge over what he is passionate about in life is not an issue to him. He picks up something and runs with it. Take the shrimp business for instance, he did it just to fulfill Bubba’s dream. Bubba is a friend he made in the army who was later killed in the Vietnam war. Forrest was a simple halfwit who put passion in everything he set his half of a brain to.

Knowing what you are passionate about is worth the search. Finding it will give you the sensation a teenager falling in love gets. Photography had me experiencing the girl next door sort of a thing. She was there all along, the conflicting signals had me taking years to finally approach her. Our story thus began and my feelings grew deeper every time she unraveled her beauty allowing me to touch her and wallow in her love. Here we are!

Seek out your passion, a beautiful thing to find but let the pursuit be a journey. Finding your passion will make the difference between loving and hating what you do. But the search must not be a chase that brings your life to a complete stop. Let it be an expedition full of discovery, adventure and learning new things.

Finding your passion will make the difference between loving and hating what you do. But the search must not be a chase that brings your life to a complete stop.

Forrest’s life is fiction but reality is lack of knowledge of what our passion is, must not be a problem. What sets us back is an insufficiency of a Forrest in us. We waste our existence on daydreams of doing things we love forgetting that we can approach things we already do with passion.

As humans we do not live in exclusivity but are in fact a complex web of the things we attend to; God, responsibilities, relationships, work and community are among them. Once we begin approaching these aspects with willingness to excel and resilience to see ourselves create an impact, we will attain greatness. Our jobs and interests may face opposite directions but that is not to mean we cannot Forrest Gump through our jobs and be the best that we can be.

Let me tell you why you need a Forrest Gump in you!

Those who do what they love will tell you the good feeling that comes with it is not constant throughout. There are days they struggle to get out of bed too. I have seen people quit their ‘day’ jobs to pursue photography simply because they were in love with it. Down the line they realize the feeling is not the same. What do you do when this happens? Close shop? I fight instances of difficulty in wrapping my fingers on the camera. I struggle through gawking at a blank page and a cursor blinking back at me waiting for my fingers to type away. ‘Forrest Gumping’ through it brings back the good feeling.

Have a wonderful journey in finding your passion!

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