Everyone Has a First

Everyone Has a First - Haytham Bhalo

Everyone, I am a protagonist!

Maybe I am, I don’t know. All I can say is I fell for an enticing post title once again. This time round it pushed me further into taking a personality test which revealed that just like Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Daenerys Targeryan , Haytham Bhalo too is a protagonist. If you do not know who Daenerys is, watch The Game of Thrones or read the novel A Song of Ice and Fire. Daenerys is one hell of a conqueror who owns three badass fire breathing dragons!

I need to find me some badass fire breathing dragons!

Fear is a terrible thing. Keep your shirt on, I know dragons and fear in the same article can give ideas. I am talking about the sort of fear that prevents us from doing amazing things in life. You know, the kind that has many photographers shy away from sharing their work. They think displaying it makes them susceptible to criticism, rejection and a bunch of other baloney. They believe they do not deserve a piece of the photography space because it is already occupied by extremely talented and experienced creatives.

If you are not a photographer, this still applies to you. Whether you are a writer, chef, musician or have that creative energy in you, please keep reading. Anywhere I mention photography, just substitute it with your line of art.

For anyone starting out in anything, it is normal to be afraid. The difference lies in what you decide to do about it. I too struggled with the notion of what will other photographers say about my work? I did not know what to expect and that made me feel vulnerable. But I asked myself so what? So what if people think my photos are not good enough? I still said Hello Photography World!

I reminded myself that the reason I am in photography is for the love of it. The thing with fear is it cannot exist in the same spectrum as passion. Let fear take over and your love for something gives way but if you let love reign, fear will not see the light of day. That fear holding you hostage, will suddenly feel like a mirage. Poof, gone! Someone said fear stands for false evidence appearing real. What lies beyond is freedom to explore and push yourself into becoming better by the day. I took the photo on this post a while back. That is my amigo Rabih, you can check out his blog here.

I struggle with a lot – balancing my day job, photography, family, community work and my search for badass fire breathing dragons but fear is not one of them.

Peter Lik would not have sold his piece a whopping $6.5 Million if he hid his work in archives. Tell me Lik is an accomplished photographer and all, but he started somewhere. Everybody has a first and I bet nobody’s first is worth a dime. I look back at my first photos and boy was I generous with saturation! Are they bad? Maybe not but I am better today.

Fear should not deter you from sharing your photography. Just as hunger needs food, your work needs to be shared. The thing with your art is, it has a soul of its own and you cannot stop it from living. And guess what? This is a free world. Let your work saunter the corners of this earth. More importantly, it does not matter what someone else thinks about you as a person or what you have to share. Go on, hang it a wall or post it somewhere on the internet, whatever you have, proudly share it. The internet has over 152 Million blogs with everyone trying to share a piece of their mind, what they have or what they know, why should you be the one to shy away?

In the meantime, any idea on where I can find dragon eggs?

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