Craft and Finding True North

Craft and Finding True North

Are you not glad the 365 days of January are finally over?

If there is one thing that is not ending anytime soon though, is the conversation about one Donald John Trump, the 45th president of The United States of America. Leader of the free world. A free world that he is trying to swathe with laws and a 20 foot wall to keep everybody else at bay!

20 executive orders in 10 days! What is wrong with you Donald?

I will ask him that without blinking if for some miracle I ever bump into him. I already know his problem, so I am not interested in his answer. But I will ask him so that I step back and take my time to leisurely observe how the question aggravates him. Watch how his face develops to that of a confused dog that can’t trace its bone. He makes that face pretending to think. He really doesn’t. If anything exists in his head, it is sounds of birds chirping and bells chiming. The Donald face I am talking about is all too familiar now. In fact, too familiar that everyone wears it a few times in a lifetime. When you are in a room and someone lets one out and you sniff trying to see if your nose picks up fart molecules flowing in the air, you make a Donald’s face.

Fortunately for Donald, the world is never short of people who allow you to focus on them making you forget about boiling in your own skin. Take a Romanian riding a unicycle on top of a tall chimney in Targu Jiu as an example. A chimney so tall makes a 20ft wall seem like a Mexican hitting a piñata with eyes wide open. Balancing on a unicycle at 840ft high is certainly more dangerous than Trump to the free world. If you can withstand watching this Romanian in his act, at some point you are going to close one eye and watch through the other eye, half open, while you clinch your butt muscles. Clearly clinching butt muscles will never save a Romanian free falling from that high after a balancing miscalculation but you will clinch them anyway.

The myriad of comments on the video are off-putting. It has to be the last thing a daredevil would be rooting for. All the hard work and someone ignorantly downsizes it to a string of negative words without regards to the time and effort gone into it.

So why do it?

Every craft is different from the other. As a matter of fact, every craftsman is different from another. Individually, this makes us go through different processes in our developments. What unify us however is the fact that we all expect something out of what we do. Internet trolls are among them but we all do it with a goal of a gratifying outcome. Expectations of a fulfilling end makes us endure endless sums of hours and effort that we put into it. The differentiating factor lies in the ability to make it clear from the very start what that outcome is and using it as guiding principle.

What determines the guiding principle then?

Whatever makes you jump out of bed in the morning many at times seems pointless. Bruno Mars connected with a lot of us when he said I don’t feel like doing anything! It happens to me too. If it happens to Bruno, if it happens to me, I am sure it happens to you too. Ability to identify where your true north is, makes it a lot easier to find your focus and get back on track. Everyone appears to be out to make a living but you always hear that the ones that attain success are those who believe it is never about the money. The reason is simple, if money is what keeps your fire burning you are not very far from a breakdown. A few virtual negative comments are enough to let you say why bother?

With all the distractions coming your way, it is impossible to focus if your heart is not in the right place. If for anything else, your true north should be crafting out of passion. It sounds cliche, I know, but that is only because there is no other explanation to it. There are times I wonder why photography? Will I still be doing it 30 years from today? I ask myself countless of times, why I write up these articles spending precious time behind a screen stringing words with the hope that someone will spare a few minutes of their busy day to read. I don’t have the answers to these questions. What I know is, I enjoy every bit of it. I would still do it if it were to be put in a closet and no one else to see it.

It would be a lie if I said I do not expect anything out of it. I want to make some money. Actually I hope to make serious money someday but the difference is, it doesn’t matter if I don’t. I watch the number of followers on my Facebook and Instagram increasing and it reminds me that there are people out there who appreciate what I do.

Commitment is easier when passion is there.

Whether I will still be at it 30 years to come, I don’t know, but I plan to stick to my true north. I would rather live a life where fame and fortune are a side effect of the things we love.

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